Ross's Story

Mairi's story starts with the story of Ross Munro. This little video created by Mark Lancaster gives an insight into his life and his adventures

The Academic Years

Mairi wanted to help other bereaved families by highlighting the impact of the loss of a child on a family and studied hard, gaining a PhD in trauma psychology.

Finding the New Normal

Mairi published a short book called "Finding the New Normal". It's available on Amazon, but you can download the PDF here for free

Finding the new normal (pdf)


Fighting Fibromyalgia


The Fibro Guy

With the help of Adam Foster aka The Fibro Guy, Mairi made a full recovery from fibromyalgia.

Weaving for Wellbeing


During her recovery period, Mairi discovered the joy of handweaving. Starting with a simple rigid heddle loom, Mairi learned the basics and developed her technical and creative skills. With no formal qualifications in anything arty or textile based, Mairi took inspiration mostly from online sources. These were often quite complicated and difficult to follow, so Mairi took each step of the process and broke it down into its simplest components. Step by step, this has allowed Mairi to develop a unique teaching method which embraces each individual's skills and limitations so that everyone can now experience the joy of weaving for wellbeing.  

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